Under 18

I crafted these pieces before my eighteenth birthday. I no longer have most of them, and so cannot supply accurate dimensions.

The clay pieces are small, with the exception of the chicken bowl, and most are twice-fired with glaze.

The jewelry is made from silver, constructed from sheet and wire (with the exception of the cast man-ring and the caster-splatters on the boxy chain) with an occasional semiprecious stone, mineral, seashell, and/or pearl. The silver is oxidized.

Mixed media: The cat-man, standing on slate, hands a copper and silver apple to the seated bird-woman.

under18.2.jpg under18.7.jpg under18.9.jpg
under18.4.jpg under18.18.jpg under18.3.jpg
under18.5.jpg under18.6.jpg
under18.1.jpg under18.13.jpg under18.12.jpg
under18.14.jpg under18.8.jpg under18.15.jpg
under18.16.jpg under18.10.jpg under18.11.jpg